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Energy Audit

A Hybrid Controls Energy Audit can help you to optimise your energy usage, and positively impact your business.

Combat the rising cost of commercial energy by assessing energy efficiency and lowering your utility costs with a business energy audit.

What is a Business Energy Audit?

A business energy audit helps assess your current gas and electricity usage against your current business needs, identifying any waste. 

The energy audit analyses how your business is currently using energy, taking into account building occupant habits that may impact energy efficiency. It takes into account all factors from the building’s interior, exterior, fixtures, and equipment to determine how these systems interact with one another.

Is carrying out a business energy audit right for you?

As a building owner or operator, pinpointing those areas where energy is being wasted can be difficult. Following consultation with our experts, your business energy audit will clearly highlight the ways Hybrid can reduce your energy consumption, cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Our high level reporting will give you true, actionable insights into your building, and the operational efficiencies that can be implemented to improve your comfort and consumption.

What can I expect from a business energy audit?

Hybrid business energy audits typically identify the following areas to optimise energy usage:

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